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 PAC Poly Aluminium Chloride
 PAC Poly Aluminium Chloride
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POLY ALUMINIUM CHLORIDE used in the process of purifying water. In water treatment, the goal of the process of coagulation is to separate the solid impurities such as kontamin that are difficult to separate with the filtration process. The process of Coagulation cause colloidal and suspended particles that get together and form heavier particles (flok) which can easily be separated by filtration or precipitation. APPLICATION -Purifying drinking water, domestic waste water. -Work effectively on sedimentation or substance that is stuck in the water including colloidal. -Purifying Water for the process in a variety of industries, including: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Food Beverage & ETC. -Water Treatment for swimming pools. -Cement Harden quickly, metal casting and metal molds. -The process of splitting water and oil refining industry. -Replacement of Alum and Ferrous sulfate. -Waste water Purification and sewage polluted water from a variety of industries. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE 1. the quality of the processed water PAC is better compared to using Ferric Trichloride and Alluminium Sulfate, along with lower maintenance costs. 2. Flok can form quickly so it took quite short to react and settles when compared to Ferric Trichloride and Alluminium Sulfate. 3. ability to work in a lofty PAC water treatment with temperature, turbidity levels and different kebasahan when compared with Ferric Trichloride and Alluminium sulphate. 4. PAC has a broad PH range between 5.0-9.0 with the best conditions on a range of them. 5. Dissolving the PAC is better than Ferric Trichloride and Alluminium Sulphate (Alum). 6. low Causiticity with minimal operational conditions. 7. the levels of aluminum and the remaining salt in water mixed with lower PAC (low Conduction Power), which will benefit the process of Demineralized (Demin) and preparation for the process of RO. Hub: CV. INDEPENDENT BUSINESS PARTNERS Tel: 031-5452872 Fax: 031-5355728, Mobile: 081234590404, 03181118112, 085733669931, BB PIN: 7CD797B6 Email: Website:

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