CV. Mitra Usaha Mandiri

Mesin RO 7 Stage Merk Aqualife
Mesin RO 7 Stage Merk Aqualife
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14 Mei 2020
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RO 7 stage engine with 7 stage filtration resulting in high quality water with better taste and more sterile, CV. Mitra Usaha Mandiri

Reverse Osmossis (reverse osmosis) is the latest technology in treating previously dirty water to be clean and drinkable. This technology is often encountered in various parts of the world. In Indonesia itself, this tool is used in the bottled water (AMDK) industry, hospitals, hotels, apartments, housing, offices, and various fields that require clean, sterile, and consumable water. With durability, maintenance costs and operational costs that are more efficient than other technologies, this machine is suitable for use from households to large scale industries.

Capacity: 10 L / h
Reverse Osmosis Filmtec 50 membrane
KSD cylinder solenoid
Voltage: 220 V - 50 Hz
Power consumption: 24 w
Dimensions 670 x 435 x 340 (mm)
Equipped with micro controller and alarm to know when replacement of each filter
7 stage filter system:

Stage 1: PP Sediment 5 micron Filter
Stage 2: OCB _ GAC Filter
Stage 3: PP Sediment 1 micron Filter
Stage 4: RO Membrane Filter
Stage 5: T33 - GAC Filter
Stage 6: Mineral Filter
Stage 7: Nano Silver Filter
Function of each filter:

Function PP Sediment 5 micron Filter:

Filtering coarse particles larger than 5 microns (mud and sand)
Filter the moss
Protects the RO membranes from clogged
OCB Function - GAC Filter:

Filter chlorine and some organic molecules
Protects RO membranes from oxidation
Function PP Sediment 1 micron Filter:

Filter fine particles larger than 1 micron
Protects the RO membranes from clogged
RO Membrane Filter function:

Pore ​​membranes of 0.0001 micron, filtering out all colloids, bacteria, viruses, toxins, organic and inorganic molecules, salts, heavy metals, etc. thus making water completely pure
Function T33 - GAC Filter:

Gives a fresh sensation
Eliminate organic particles, colors and odors
Mineral Filter Function:

Gives a fresh sensation
Adding minerals, useful electrolytes
Raises pH, neutralizes acid, good for health
Nano Silver Filter Function:

Kills viruses, bacteria and 100% prevents bacteria from entering the water
Adding minerals, useful electrolytes
Raises pH, neutralizes acid, good for health


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Malang Branch: Jl. Telaga Wangi Temple 48 Malang.

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