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Birm filter media to remove iron and manganese content in the water. Contact: CV 081234590404 independent business Partners. Birm Filter Media Is One Of The Media Filters Are Used To Remove Iron Overall. Birm Is Actually An Acronym For "Burgess Iron Removal Methods". Filter Media Is Black And Quite Dense. Birm Late-Acting As A Catalyst That Enhances The Reaction Between Dissolved Oxygen (Do) And Iron/Manganese. Once Oxidized, Birm Akan Filter Strains Media Contaminants out of the water. Birm is an Anti-oxidant that is strong enough to remove the Iron Levels up to 3 Ppm of dissolved oxygen levels if is below 15%, Required the addition of an air injection system Agat System can work. Unlike Other Filters Medua, Chlorine Injection Is Not Recommended For Birm. Chlorination Greatly Reduce The Effectiveness Of Birm And At High Concentrations Can Drain Layer Catalyst. BIRM ADVANTAGE: 1. ingredients need not be chemicals to regenerate enough with the backwash 2. iron removal Efficiency is very high 3. Usage of can in a long period of time if you do not want to use chlorine/chlorine in your House and enough with the back wash, then birm we sell is perfect for you. Hub: CV. JL. INDEPENDENT BUSINESS PARTNER Keputran small market 2/17 Tel: 031-5452872 Fax: 031-5355728, Hp: 081234590404, 087854449399, 085733669931, BB PIN: 5B1540B3 Email: Website: https://suppli

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