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Filter Penjernih air PU Polyurethane
Filter Penjernih air PU Polyurethane
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Sell ​​PU Poly Urethane water purification filter, Water Partners (filter air)The PU water purification filter is used to purify water with a 0.01 micron sieve size, so as to be able to filter fine particles like fine mud.3 stages of filtering:    1. Manganese filter
    2. PU filter
    3. Activated Carbon FilterThe advantages of PU filters are compared to UF filters or RO Filters    Larger capacity of the same size
    PU filters can be washed so they last longerOther water filter info, contact:MITRA WATER Jl. Mawar 43 SurabayaEmail:

Malang Branch: Jl. Candi Telaga Wangi No. 48 Malang.
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